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Jan. 22, 2016 - My little big UI update is live! Do you like it? Some new links are also added :)

Hello! I am Joe and welcome to my personal website. This site is the more "geekier" and more technical version of my website. Also, unlike some of my other sites, the whole thing (the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, everything!) is pretty much coded by myself!

My startup/company: JD Technological Development
Learn Physics! A JD creation :) Status: In progress
Tune in to the JDMusic live stream! =) Status: Down
JDTechTips Blog :D
My GitLab Install (feel free to use it for repos)
Cro-Magnon Social Studies Project
Play Agar.io On My Custom Server Status: Down
Check Out My Friend SDE's Website Status: Deleted?
My jsOS Operating System (written with HTML & JS!)
Place to contact me for feedback, questions, copyright stuff, etc...you know what I mean :)
The link that does nothing :D

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